Head On, a wellness app, leverages scientifically-backed methods to address anxiety and stress. It delivers essential mental health support directly to users' fingertips. As Head On prepared for its product launch, the necessity for a compelling visual identity, a revamped website, thoughtfully designed app interfaces, and strategic marketing became evident. This is where our expertise seamlessly integrated to breathe life into their brand vision.

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An unfolding visual identity strategically places Head On at the forefront of addressing anxiety and stress.


Navigating life's challenges can be an overwhelming experience. However, with the right support, it transforms into the ultimate opportunity for personal growth and a healthier lifestyle. This philosophy is reflected in Head On's vibrant and evolving visual identity. Instead of relying on somber anatomical illustrations, we chose a palette of light colors, soft typography, and gentle animations. This choice symbolizes the essence of life and the continuous journey of personal development.

An enchanting website and app design that drives a thriving sense of well-being.


Head On's blossoming visual identity seamlessly adapts to diverse purposes, showcasing a collection of versatile illustrations that can be employed individually, combined, fragmented, and animated. Our collaboration with Head On involved revitalizing their distinctive application, enhancing user intuitiveness through a delightful new design visible across their app, website and more.

Empowering a wellness app to secure the title of Google's App of the Month.

Witness the fruits of our collaboration through engaging brand campaigns, unique landing pages, captivating social media ads, and compelling product pages and PR. Thanks in part to these initiatives, Head On achieved a remarkable milestone of 200,000 installs within a year and earned Google's App of the Month in 2023. As their audience continues to expand, our support in enhancing their presence remains steadfast.

"Game-changer! Wnder brought our vision to life with innovative designs."
Simon - Operations

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