Headstrong stands out as a prominent UK counselling service providing cost-effective and top-tier therapy for individuals aged 18 and above. We collaborated to give Headstrong's brand a refreshing makeover, achieving some impressive enhancements together.

  • Brand campaign
  • Website development
  • Design
  • Marketing

UK's Trusted Counselling Service.

We've collaborated closely with the Headstrong team, working on their design, marketing, and web development. Our structured partnership is grounded in a meticulously crafted brand strategy, while also allowing room for spontaneous ideas and unexpected twists. Over the years, Headstrong's brand has flourished, establishing itself as a leader in its domain.

A distinctive visual identity and website that adapt and grow over time.

Headstrong's brand identity introduces a breath of fresh air with its first approach, vibrant yellow hues, and subtle interplay of light and dark elements. This distinctive identity authentically reflects the core values and essence of the company.

"Wnder have been great from start to finish. They made everything seamless."
David R - Head of Marketing

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